Let's French has been the Alliance Française Dublin's flagship music festival since 2006. The festival aims to promote French cultural heritage as well as innovation with its carefully chosen and exciting line-ups. Every year the festival welcomes French and Irish artists for concerts in various venues in Dublin City.

Over the years, the festival has featured many artists in different genres: the unclassifiable genius of Sébastien Tellier, hip-hop artists extraordinaire (TTC), world-class DJs (Birdy Nam Nam, Ed Banger's DSL, Soulsquare), rock acts à la française (Housse de Racket, Les Plastiscines), folklore experimentalists (Thee, Stranded Horse), world music ensembles (Ba Cissoko), and traditional singer-songwriters from France and Ireland, often united by shared influences (the Waterboys' Steve Wickham & Cali’s shared billing was a particular highlight).

This year sees a particular attention to electropop  - in which France has excelled in the past 20 years – and the festival is delighted to welcome two of the best new Irish acts to emerge in the past few years: Le Galaxie & Daithi. Other guests include Fakear (France), Lasertom (Ireland), Da Sexuality (France) and Classroom Battles (France-Ireland).



Le Galaxie DJ Set (Dance - Ireland)

Who hasn’t heard about Le Galaxie? Meshing pounding techno rhythms, shimmering cyber-synths and cascading dream-streams of sonic guitar-wizardry, the 4-piece has stamped their 'grid vs. guitars' live dance frenzy on Ireland, UK, France, Sweden and Germany. The Irish Times: “Over the past two years, Le Galaxie have transformed themselves into a juggernaut of a party band, jack knifing into crowds who are only too happy to take the hit. Without question, one of the best sets of the weekend.”



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Daithí (Experimental - Ireland)

Here’s Daithí. A fiddle-playing, house music-making, loopstation-tweaking, button-pushing, hair-flicking bundle of energy. Blissfully nerdy in his approach, Daithí uses loopstations, kaoss pads, synthesizers and drum machines to create a unique and exceptional sound all centered around one instrument: the fiddle. Some people call it post trad, others say it's indie traditional electro math rock looped with a twist, whatever the genre the end result is energetic, loud and a damn good time. Come and join!



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Fakear (Electro - France)

A multi-talented artist, Fakear has been producing dense and exotic electronic music for the past two years. He pulls his audience into his dark and poetic universe with samples drawn from all over the world. Addicted to live mixing, his energetic performances bring home the originality of his work. After opening for Wax Tailor and Fauve, he’ll be returning to the studio to keep refining his craft there, as well as on stage. Fakear is genuinely transforming what used to be called “electro”.



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Lasertom (Electro/Rock - Ireland)

Lasertom is Simon Cullen's most recent incarnation as a solo musician/producer. June 2013 saw the release of his first single, “Call”, which was released by Nang records and followed in October by the full-length “Drift”, a softly psychedelic slow-mo cosmic disco roller coaster. Since then Cullen has been developing a solo live show that brings songs from the album beyond their studio iterations into a deeper, darker part of space, with bass guitar and Korg MS20 synthesizer in tow.



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Classroom Battles (Electro/Pop - Ireland/France)

Classroom Battles are an Irish/French electronic quartet based in Dublin, formed in 2012. Spearheaded by twenty-one year old lead singer Tigrane Minassian and veteran producer/writer Martin Clancy, the group's debut EP "This Week's Question" was released on 29th October 2013. The group’s gripping electropop has made people sit up and take notice, including significant CMJ College Radio across the U.S, Stefen Olsdal (Placebo) and numerous critics (Jim Carroll, Heather Traficano, Mikey Gallagher). The band is currently recording in Dublin on their follow up EP "Farewell Herschel" (slated for release in April 2014).



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Da Sexuality (Electro/Pop - France)

The annals of electro abound with talented double acts such as Air and Digitalism, not to mention Underworld and Daft Punk, and in many respects, Da Sexuality are following in the footsteps of these musicians. Drawing their influences from a diverse cultural and musical melting pot, the duo’s style is characterised by full, deep vocals and powerful synth sounds – Kavinsky style – both of which hark back to the New Wave, but EXX’s refined lyrics and ARCH’R’s fastidiously designed beats distinguish Da Sexuality from their predecessors



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